Friday, September 27, 2013

Respect for the Reigning MVP, MC47

It seems to be the end of the world for the Ginebra Fans after seeing The Spark lying on the floor against their battle for semi-finals slot against Petron. You can see the frustration in the eyes of Team Manager Al Francis Chua as he tries to see the situation. It was again another injury for the reigning MVP.

Let us face it, Caguioa is not getting any younger but the skills and basketball IQ is still there. There is no doubt he can still battle against young players in the PBA today but his current injury is not in a good timing where BGSM badly needs the Spark. After that injury last night the whole team seems to lose their focus and their enthusiasm to win. It seems that they lost the game when Caguioa is
not on the floor.

Haters would always say that he is the most selfish player in the PBA today. But who are they to judge him? Mark Caguioa just want to win, he just want to go back to the finals and make the fans happy again. All his career he is always a candidate for the Best Player of the Conference and even a contender for the Most Valuable Player. Just last season when he is just ready to come back he even obtain to just sit on the bench just not to ruin the chemistry of the team. Just this conference he opted to be a decoy and pass the ball to his teammates. When that plan seems not been doing right he just decided to take it for himself and scored tremendously game after game.

They also said that he must retire, he is old and it is time to give his career and end. But, does he really needs to do it now. He is the last seasons MVP and despite of not playing an amount of games this season he is still ranked 3rd in local scoring in the league. Can you see how much respect Coach Tim Cone is giving him? San Mig Coffee designed a play to trap Caguioa all game long. Coach Norman Black even given his new import the task to guard him on their knock-out game. Do we see how haters love to see him hurt and hope not to play? They are afraid of his skills. They know what the Spark can do.

In his age today, Caguioa is amazingly playing like he is 18 years old. The only player I saw play this good in that age is Alvin Patrimonio. And there is no doubt Alvin is one of the best player the PBA ever had. Caguioa is Caguioa, he can score when he wants to, when he needs to, when the team have to. He is still in the league because he is still can play. He still can play with HEART, PRIDE and SPIRIT.  If Caguioa cannot score anymore, if he cannot dominate games any longer he is gone in the team for a long time already.  But he is still there the heart and soul of the team.

We know he will be back, soon he will. Soon he will still make all fans happy with his nice perimeter jump shots, his fantastic crossover moves and his unstoppable tear drop. He will be back with a fresher legs because he has the HEART of what JAWO has before. Let us all give RESPECT for the best player of the PBA TODAY! JUST RESPECT!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Video : LA Tenorio grilled on 'Ihaw Na!'

Monday, September 16, 2013

Video : Brgy Ginebra vs Rain or Shine (Governors' Cup 9/14/2013)





Sunday, September 15, 2013

Video : Mac Baracel last 11 seconds (Ginebra vs ROS)

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Game Replay : Ginebra vs Air21 (9/4/2013)


Saturday, August 31, 2013

Not a good start for the Kings, whom to blame?

It was a slow start for the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel as they fall at the bottom of the standing 2nd to Air 21 Express and tied with San Mig Coffee Mixers and Talk n Text Tropang Texters. With the kind of tournament format the PBA has for this year’s Governors Cup, no one can afford to a sluggish run in their campaign.

Dior Lowhorn is now center of attention, for critics and even some of the fans are not satisfied with his performance. Even before the start of the current conference there are rumors that Dior Lowhorn will be replaced by the Ginebra Management but still the franchise chose to stay with him. Is Lowhorn the real person to blame with our slow start?


Dior is averaging 25.3 points per game with 13.6 rebounds having a double double on his three games in the PBA. He has a good perimeter shooting and not to mention his good touch on the free throw line. In the game against Petron and Barako, the kings let them score over a 100 points, against Meralco they only let them score 85 points.  Ginebra is only averaging 94.6 PPG and they cannot afford to let their opponent to score more than their average points per game.


When we won a game against Meralco Bolts the contribution from the local players is bizarre, they contributed 81 points while the team only averages 63.5 points against Petron and Barako Bull with 66 and 61 points respectively. The rotation of the ball is tremendous when we play against the Bolts and we are able to feed the ball properly in a way that we are able to find open shots.

For a team to be able to do well on offense they must do well as well on defense. The Kings defense in their two losses is not something to be brag about. Easy baskets where given to our opponents were it limits our chances of doing our fast breaks where we get more of our points. The injury of Japeth Aguilar is really a big factor we are not able to defend well. He is out from the latter part of the first quarter where he is our last line of defense.

Again to sum it all, it will still be a difficult situation for Dior Lowhorn. Being a Ginebra import is so much fun but you must perform. Perform well not only on points but to execute well to entertain the fans, perform well to dominate the game and perform well to keep the crowd alive. Dior is the one we need if you are doing to think of his game play. He can rebound and score inside the paint something that we need a lot without HBOMB and the Kid. But still Dior some one that is easy to defend in the  PBA. He is no doubt a scorer and an awesome player but his kind of game is an OLD SCHOOL power forward.

It will now be within the management if they will stick on him or not. But let us face the fact that basketball is not a one man game. Any import may score 50 plus points a game but without his teammates backing him up it would be useless.

We might be seeing a new reinforcement come Wednesday if Ginebra fails to win against Alaska Aces on Sunday. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Battle of the two Eagle Guards

This coming PBA Friday it would be the Gin Kings next assignment as they battle against the current number one team in today’s current number one seed in the standings, the Barako Bull Energy Cola. For the past three games of Barako Bull, they showed that they are a team tougher to beat this conference.

Leading the Colas would be Eman Monfort a former Ateneo Blue Eagle point guard who is currently doing well this conference. Even though he is the smallest PBA player today, Monfort serves as the main energy guy for his team. However, another Ateneo Blue Eagle Guard will clash against Monfort where LA Tenorio of Barangay Ginebra San Miguel just done an amazing career game last time against Meralco Bolts and declared as the best player of the game soon announced as the PBA Player of the week.

Both guards may have similarity in their game play. But LA Tenorio with his professional experience in the league and in international basketball, he has the edge against Eman.

Game will be held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum at around 7:30 in the evening  August 30, 2013.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Coach Al : What make us love him this much?

It is a different feeling, it is so devastating, and it was truly a shocker but what can a fan do it this kind of situation. Remember the first day he came in for us? We are struggling it might be the team it might be the coaching staff or the management; but we still found out way to succeed. We we’re pointing it all out to the coaching staff, we need someone who can bring our moral up and bring back what the Big J started. He came and became the father of the team, he was with us when we are 0-4 and never stop believing that Ginebra is still the Kings.

We all still believe back then that we are the “never say die” team but truth enough for more than a decade since The Living Legend left us we never had that passion. We fans just believe in it, the players just say it but we cannot see it. Until he came, until he lead us, until our players woke up. Yes after almost 10 years we again saw the “NEVER SAY DIE” Team of Ginebra; fighting, dreaming and believing on their selves and the legacy of being the Kings.

Jawo might be the Father of the Never Say Die Spirit but Coach Al was the reincarnation of him. He might not be a great player like Jawo was, but it feels like in every touch of his fist on the air you can feel the spirit, the dream is being mold and soon will come true.

It was a wonderful dream that became a nightmare, we will again see a great coach leaving the team for a certain reason. Critics may say he is not the best and never proved himself in coaching  a team in the PBA but if you will think of it Coaching a team is not just about winning it is about how you play the game. Great coaches never won a trophies but respect.

However, I think this is destiny; Coach Al Francis Chua came to the team for a purpose, he made us feel that the NEVER SAY DIE attitude is BACK and ALIVE. For what purpose that he came and go, he was like the savior that we are long waiting for. His resignation might be final or not but one thing is for sure, he not leading the team is like breaking up with your BF/GF that you truly love so much.

Why are we so hurt about his resignation, did we felt this bad when we heard that Jowarski will be leaving the team? We then I supposed we loved him like a family the way an organization should be. It is fair enough to thank him for everything, but let us face it we still hope that #coachalwillstay. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

ASImpossible to be with the Kings

Asi "The Rock" Taulava is the hottest player today. Maybe not in the PBA because currently he his not part of the league but all the rumors that coming out here and there made the fans excited of what would be the next chapter of Taulava's professional career.

There is no doubt about it that Asi was one of the most dominant center in PBA History. Since he was drafted by the Mobiline team in 1999 he was a threat for many big man in the league. A Most Valuable Player  in 2003, 3 and 2 times member of the Mythical first and second team, 2003 All Filipino Best Player of the Conference, 2003 Finals MVP and 2 All Star MVP's. 

 Asi "The Rock" Taulava is the hottest player today. Maybe not in the PBA because currently he his not part of the league but all the rumors that coming out here and there made the fans excited of what would be the next chapter of Taulava's professional career.

There is no doubt about it that Asi was one of the most dominant center in PBA History. Since he was drafted by the Mobiline team in 1999 he was a threat for many big man in the league. A Most Valuable Player  in 2003, 3 and 2 times member of the Mythical first and second team, 2003 All Filipino Best Player of the Conference, 2003 Finals MVP and 2 All Star MVP's
However, the rock is only human, he gets weak, gets slow, gets old. Meralco Boltz the owner of Asi Taulava's Playing rights in PBA thought that it is the end for his career. His playing time is very limited and he sometimes used to sit on the bench in a whole game. It seems that Asi Taulava waited for his contract to end and decided not to renew with the Boltz. Asi wants to play with Ginebra but he cannot just be with the Kings if the Boltz will not release him so he went to San Miguel Beermen in the ABL.

Now, Asi just won the Most Valuable Player Award in ABL and there is only a month remaining before the next season of the PBA. Will Asi's dream of wearing a Barangay Ginebra San Miguel Jersey will come true? All he needs to do right now is to wait and pray that everything will come his way because Meralco Boltz just saw him getting rusted and after him being vocal on wanting to be part of Ginebra and the Boltz knowing that Ginebra is missing a legitimate center they saw this big loop hole to at least use Asi to get precious players from us.

So,  in simple human mind let us do the deal and have a trade but whom do we trade for Asi? Who can we sacrifice for Asi? Who is the unlucky player to leave the team for Asi? Let us try every player  if it is possible or not.

Let us start with players who are impossible to be traded even for Asi. Mark Caguioa, Rudy Hatfield, Jayjay Helterbrand, LA Tenorio, Japeth Aguilar, Kerby Raymundo and Chris Ellis. Those personnel are the players that from my assessment Ginebra will not be traded for Asi. Definitely, the Boltz will not make a deal for Rob Labagala, in due respect to Rob but if he will be traded with Asi it would be 2 more players along with him will be traded.

Let us try single player deal, first scenario Asi to Dylan Ababou, it might be a good deal for the Boltz because they need a scorer since they do not have one, especially Mac Cardona is very inconsistent   on his offense. But we all know that Dylan just came from injury and it is not a simple injury but a serious one that may affect his playing skills so Boltz might still pass this option.

Mac Baracael, this is the player that  might do the deal as well for Asi. A person can score inside and outside , some kind of a player that the Boltz might need. But again, after his good performance last conference can we afford to let go of Baracael. Josh Urbiztondo, he is the player the Boltz needs the most. Josh was always the center point of the trade but why the deal is not being settled. It is because they needed more. Other players on our roster are not that eye of target for the Boltz though.

Clear enough it is impossible to see him play for us. It might be the best line up in PBA History but it is really hard to see right now after we've been through to see one of the current roster leave the team. We just have to remember that the team is stronger now than last conference. We are much bigger now and though we are big we can run. Ginebra Fans may have different prospective about Asi being in the team but let us face the truth, it will make the Kings a much stronger team if there is a Rock on our side.