Friday, April 26, 2013

Poll : Ginebra Versus San Mig Coffee for Finals

As of today, the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel and San Mig Coffee Mixers are the teams that fans wanted to be at the Finals of the 2013 Commissioners Cup. Even though the Semi-Finals of the current conference have not started yet.

Currently, the match up between the Mixers and the Barangay leads the poll with 55% of votes followed by Alaska vs Ginebra with 26.4%, San Mig versus TNT at the third with 9.95% and Alaska versus TNT with 8:75%. 

We can never question the result of this poll since both teams have the most number of fans in the league. In this current conference both the Kings and the Mixers have a bad start at the eliminations but both won with heart and pride in the quarter finals battle they have against the Elasto Painters and the Bolts. In seems that PBA fans wanted to see a Manila Clasico this Finals and they missed to watch the old rivalry had before. Remember the classical games between Ginebra and Purefoods back in the 90's, which is unforgettable for both fans.

Considering the survey that being done by, is shows as well that Ginebra is the most wanted team to be part of the Finals. Nevertheless, it is still too early to say and too early to predict if what team will succeed and win the series in the semifinals. But still everybody wants to have a Manila Clasico Finals this conference.

Poll is still being done at; stats still may change. Vote now!


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